Why Us?
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Locally Owned & Operated

We are the only employment agency in the Mid-Ohio Valley that is truly locally owned and operated. Whenever you work with us, you are working directly with the owners who strive to address and resolve problems as they arise!

Quality Over Quantity

At MOVE, we look to match employer needs with employee strengths rather than just filling positions. We focus on employee retention, not billable hours. Whenever we place and employee, we are placing our reputation as well.

Low Rates

We pride ourselves in offering superior service at considerably lower prices than our competitors.

Superior Customer Service

We have a people first mentality here at MOVE. We work to establish a relationship with both employees and clients, in turn making the employment process quick, easy, and efficient for all parties involved.

Range of Jobs

Unlike most employment agencies, we staff lower-level AND upper-level positions. We will help everyone from A to Z!

How Does It Work?

You Send A Job

We will post the job, look over our database, and send you quality resumes fitting the requirements you provide for us.


Based on the applications you recieve, you pick and choose who you want to interview. We will then coordinate the interviews for you.


Once you hire someone, they become an employee of MOVE, and we will pay them for up to 4 weeks. One of the best parts about us is that we do all the hiring and firing, so you do not have to do any dirty work!