What’s New at MOVE?

TikTok Tuesday

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Thank you all for voting for us! We really appreciate the continued support, and we look forward to another year of helping people find GREAT jobs, GREAT employees, and the BEST dance moves they have ever seen! 😉 Stop by one of our three offices today and see why we have been voted the “Best Employment Agency” THREE years in a row!
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Riverfront ROAR

A few weeks ago, our MOVE team volunteered to help out with Riverfront ROAR! We love participating in local events and helping other small business owners in our community!

TikTok Tuesday

🌟🌟🌟 TikTok Tuesday 🌟🌟🌟
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Stop by one of our three locations today and find out why we are the BEST staffing agency in the Mid-Ohio Valley!!
– Marietta: 197 Front Street
– Vienna: 1907 Grand Central Ave
– Cambridge: 914 Wheeling Ave
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The Michele Minute

Welcome to the ➡️THE MICHELE MINUTE⬅️
Every Monday Michele will be sharing tips, tricks, jobs, & much more with you. (For 1 minute)
Don’t have a lot of time? Don’t like to read through 40 job postings?
This is for you! One minute with Michele & you will see why she is the best recruiter in Cambridge Ohio.
Something you want her to talk about? Have questions about Move? Message us and Michele will be happy to answer any and all inquiries.
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TikTok Tuesday

✨ Happy TikTok Tuesday ✨
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We hope your holiday weekend was filled with lots of fun, food, and fireworks! We also know how hard it is to find motivation to work after such a great weekend, so we wanted to try to give you some. Hope this helps! 😊
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